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The Kitchen Witch's Resource:)'s Journal
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Date:2010-06-25 15:32
Mood: annoyed

we had an ant attack a few weeks ago and we washed out all the cupboards after spraying the stuff to kill them and whatnot but we still can't get the smell out of one of our cupboards and we've tried everything we can think of and I know that there is some sort of herb or herbs that absorb odors but I can't for the life of me think of what they are, so if anyone happens to know of them or has an idea to get rid of that smell I'll be eternally grateful. :)

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Date:2009-06-09 02:01
Subject:Questions Asked and Help Needed
Mood: creative

Poll #1413023 Grounding and Centering

Is Grounding and Centering necessary and/or important?

Yes, both Grounding and Centering are important. (Tell me why)
Only Centering is important. (Tell me why)
Only Grounding is important. (Tell me why)
No, neither Grounding and Centering are important. (Tell me why)

I'm done with my research stage and I'm ready for the practice stage. And by practice I mean spells and rituals. Lately, I've been working on my spells but I need assistance and would like some opinions. I also need to ask a question (see poll).

[As a heads-up, my deity is God(my own vision of who God is not the version in the Bible, Torah, or Quran) and I'll be incorporating the Angels.]

I've written my 'casting a circle' spell but I need help with a 'dispelling a circle' spell. I don't know where to begin. I know about dismissing the Watchtowers and the Elements but the circle itself is where my problem is.

Here's My 'Casting a Circle' SpellCollapse )

Now, I want some opinions from you guys on some other spells that I wrote. A prayer, a blessing, the 4 Watchtowers, and the 4 Elements. I'm proud of them but I'd like some other opinions.

SpellsCollapse )

Thanks for your help guys! It's greatly appreciated.

Cross-posted at witchescauldron

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Date:2009-05-02 20:19

I am Dani, new to the community but not to paganism. I need a recipe for a cake. We do need anise seed in it, as an offering to Apollo for our cake. The cake is for our handfasting, and can be small and simple. I just...fail and cake in general. If I can get a recipe, one of our partners (Steph, Griff, and myself are handfasting together in a polyamorous triad) can easily whip something up. Can anyone help?!

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Date:2009-02-19 11:13
Subject:Tarot & Food: Death & Shepard's Pie

What do you do when Death comes calling? I make shepard's pie.

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Date:2009-01-15 06:28

Cross posted. I really want other opinions here.

What is your opinion on Soul or Spirit?

Here is why I ask.

My BF is reading a book called "The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence". My BF is an Agnostic, and basically believes we are all meat, and our personalities, and who we are, is all chemical reactions based on chance and genetics. In this book, super smart people with all sorts of accreditation (I guess) are talking about nanotechnology, and how in the future, we are all going to be like the characters in Appleseed or Ghost in the Machine or Robocop (what I mean is, we will eventually have smart chips through out our body taking over our very CELLS on every level). He is VERY excited about this.

The whole idea that I will have computer chips injected into me replacing my genetic makeup makes me wonder... how does this affect the soul? At what point do you STOP hosting your soul. If we are all metal and computer chips, are we still human?

I don't think we are. Other people think this is the next step in human evolution. Frankly, it makes me queezy.

I don't have fake boobs. If I needed a knee replacement, yes, I guess I would have the silcon part replace my biology. And yes, I can see a parallel between knee relacements and inserting microchips into your brain to make you think faster and better.

My question is... to what end? What does this do to us? What happens to our soul is our base material is substituted for man made biology?

What is your opinion?

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Date:2008-10-08 11:36
Subject:Tarot And Food

I'm visiting with the Empress today to see what recipe she might be associated with. Stop by to see if you agree! What Would The Empress Cook?

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Date:2008-09-25 02:49
Subject:Pets Health Spells
Mood: contemplative

My wonderful cat Asræl has a chronic illness. It is not life threatening, but during flare ups, it can be uncomfortable at best and painful at times. (skin sores, sneezing, itching, etc) For the most part, he is fit as a fiddle! And happy and loving. He has a wonderful Vet, and I spend so much money at said Vet that most people think I am crazy. But, I want to make him comfortable and healthy.

So… does anyone know of any pet health spells?

how bout now?

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Date:2008-09-12 11:09
Subject:Getting the word out...

Hello, all.
Please excuse my intrusion, if it is seen as such. I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to a community that I am hoping will grow into a strong and healthy place for discussion. The community is adult_witchery, and you are cordially invited to join. It's a clean slate, so there's nothing much to check out, but I hope I'll see a few of you there.

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Date:2008-08-17 12:47
Subject:Tarot And Food

Today I talk about Tarot and food. There's a recipe too. 7 of Pentacles and Ratatouille?.

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Date:2008-04-24 15:01
Subject:Yucca Root and Stem

So, my partner dug up a large yucca plant from our yard, and it occurred to me to save the roots. I've also ended up with stems. Right now they are in a basin in the sun. What are your suggestions for preparing them for culinary/medicinal/cosmetic uses? (It appears to be Yucca filamentosa.)

I have heard of using it as a shampoo, and externally and internally for arthritis and pain-- but searches tend to yield ads to buy prepared capsules or products. I have loads of root and some stem, and I'm willing to prepare it-- how?

Also, is this type of yucca good for eating at all?

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Date:2007-08-18 00:00
Subject:Incense, and me congratulating myself for my own cleverness...
Mood: pleased

So, I love things that scent the house. I have a zillion scented candles, and lots of incense in sticks and cones. I also have some incenses that are either pure natural resins, like frankincense tears, dragon's blood chunks, etc, as well as lump blends, like Athonite nugget style and some blends from Alchemy works. Now, I live in the Deep South, and the little charcoal disks that every Wicca 101 book tells you to use don't last long - the humidity ruins them, even when I try to keep them in air tight containers.

I finally found a solution, courtesy of the Complete Incense Book. Instead of using the charcoals, you can smolder lump incense over a flame. Basically, I got an incense burner like this one, more or less, if a bit bigger http://www.capricornslair.com/6goinbu.html, put an unscented tea light in the bottom of it, took a scrap of tinfoil and made a little bridge with ends that hooked over the rim of the bottom part, and put the frankincense tears on that. With the candle lit and the top on, you can't really see the tinfoil, so it doesn't look to silly.

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Date:2007-08-02 14:41
Subject:Happy (Belated) Lughnasadh!
Mood: calm

Brightest Blessings!

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Date:2007-07-12 11:44
Subject:Black bun!

Anyone out there got a good recipe for Black Bun?

My mam can't find her recipe book she's been keeping since the 50's - it has to be in the house somewhere but can't be located right now.

So any recipes would be greatly appreciated!

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Date:2007-06-04 00:58
Subject:Free gift with purchase!

I apologise if this is considered inappropriate for the community but I like to think that perhaps like-minded souls may be interested

As we near the end of the financial year there will be one last House of Havisham special.

Anyone that makes a purchase via the website by the 23rd June will receive a free gift with purchase. Your purchase can be any product from any range and your gift will be proportional to the amount spent, so it may also be a good time to stock up on presents for others.

Choose from the The Nightmare Range, the The Broken Range or the brand new bath and massage oil Jaloux that some of you will have sampled from Lunamorph.

If you missed out on the free sample bag at Lunamorph I'll be handing more out at Winter Magic on Saturday June 23rd so that'll be your last opportunity to nab a freebie!

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Date:2007-05-27 16:48
Mood: pleased

Thanks to everyone for their soapmaking advice. I found some castille soap with peppermint at Trader Joe's. Although, I might attempt to make some in the future.



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Date:2007-05-21 13:21
Subject:Garden frustrations
Mood: confused

Oh Garden Mavens: I need help! I started composting a while back and I've spread the first couple of batches out and I'm planting things. All well and good, but I'm covered in mushrooms! The obvious explanation is that the spores are in the compost, but how did they get there? Is it a Bad Thing? Should I do anything about it? It's not as if they're edible mushrooms, after all. Will they hurt my veggies?

My compost consists mostly of food scraps (no protein, grease or cooked food) and leaves and grass from the yard. Proportions are hard to estimate but I'd say it's 70% yard waste and 30% food scraps. It never got very hot; it turned into compost over a period of several months. I watered it and turned it every once in a while.

Am I missing something? If it got hot, would that kill the mushroom spores? How do I get it to heat up?


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Date:2007-05-14 08:26
Subject:Any Soap Makers?
Mood: curious

I just bought Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan and a lot of the recipes call for liquid castile soap. Has anyone ever made it? The one place I knew I could purchase it locally seems to have gone out of business.

Here is a website I found: http://www.millersoap.com/castile.html#FavCastile

I'm leary working with lye for the 1st time. I remember my Gram making her own soap but I don't think she has done that for years now. I have a soap making book some where I can consult but I wanted to know if anyone here has actually done this too. Any advice?  I already know to wear gloves with the lye. I'll probably wear safety goggles too.

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Date:2007-04-28 09:24
Subject:Spring Planting
Mood: accomplished

Greetings my fellow kitchen witches!

I hope all is well with you. I've been super busy so my overall posting has been lacking. I finally had a day of rest, which seems to have renewed some of my energies. Soon my semester will be over and I can get a much needed massage and a reiki treatment.

I've started some herbs in my kitchen window in old egg cartons, cleaned of course. So far I have successfully started cilantro but I plan in increasing this soon. A colleague, who is also a farmer, gave me a good idea about planting seeds in egg cartons. She recommended that I use the pressed paper variety so they can be planted as is and the 'container' is bio-degradable.

My rosemary did not survive the winter so I bought a new plant to replace it. I also have a new basil plant waiting for warmer weather to be planted outside. The thyme, sage, lavender, and chives all seem to be thriving after the winter. I'm looking forward to adding more herbs and plants to my garden this summer. If all goes well lupus_argentum & I will replace our crumbling back fence. I am really looking forward to making a spiritual oasis this summer. It has taken a few years to clean up the yard and I hope to finish that project this year.

What have you been doing in your kitchens, gardens and homes this spring?

Brightest Blessings!


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Date:2006-12-14 13:40
Subject:Pickled beets & root veggies
Mood: curious

Hello, fellow kitchen witches!

I've got a bunch of beets. Not many, but enough to fill a couple of jars. More importantly, I have a hankerin' to try pickling these beets. I have made different kinds of preserves, primarily of the jam & jelly variety, but never pickling. Do any of you have a good recipie for pickled beets? I like the more tangy and spicy sort of pickles, rather than the sweet, bread-and-butter types.


(cross-posted to kitchenwitchery and autumnlavender

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Date:2006-11-27 07:47

Has anyone planned out there yule menu yet? If so I would like to hear them and bounce ideas back and forth. Blessed BE EDDY

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