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Incense, and me congratulating myself for my own cleverness...

So, I love things that scent the house. I have a zillion scented candles, and lots of incense in sticks and cones. I also have some incenses that are either pure natural resins, like frankincense tears, dragon's blood chunks, etc, as well as lump blends, like Athonite nugget style and some blends from Alchemy works. Now, I live in the Deep South, and the little charcoal disks that every Wicca 101 book tells you to use don't last long - the humidity ruins them, even when I try to keep them in air tight containers.

I finally found a solution, courtesy of the Complete Incense Book. Instead of using the charcoals, you can smolder lump incense over a flame. Basically, I got an incense burner like this one, more or less, if a bit bigger, put an unscented tea light in the bottom of it, took a scrap of tinfoil and made a little bridge with ends that hooked over the rim of the bottom part, and put the frankincense tears on that. With the candle lit and the top on, you can't really see the tinfoil, so it doesn't look to silly.
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