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Cross posted. I really want other opinions here.

What is your opinion on Soul or Spirit?

Here is why I ask.

My BF is reading a book called "The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence". My BF is an Agnostic, and basically believes we are all meat, and our personalities, and who we are, is all chemical reactions based on chance and genetics. In this book, super smart people with all sorts of accreditation (I guess) are talking about nanotechnology, and how in the future, we are all going to be like the characters in Appleseed or Ghost in the Machine or Robocop (what I mean is, we will eventually have smart chips through out our body taking over our very CELLS on every level). He is VERY excited about this.

The whole idea that I will have computer chips injected into me replacing my genetic makeup makes me wonder... how does this affect the soul? At what point do you STOP hosting your soul. If we are all metal and computer chips, are we still human?

I don't think we are. Other people think this is the next step in human evolution. Frankly, it makes me queezy.

I don't have fake boobs. If I needed a knee replacement, yes, I guess I would have the silcon part replace my biology. And yes, I can see a parallel between knee relacements and inserting microchips into your brain to make you think faster and better.

My question is... to what end? What does this do to us? What happens to our soul is our base material is substituted for man made biology?

What is your opinion?
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